2014 Predictions: Part I

Big Data and Programmatic were the buzz words of 2013. In this two part series, Upfront Digital Media shares our predictions for 2014 and how the Big Data conversations we’ve been having will reshape and revolutionize our industry in the coming year.

2014 will be the year of programmatic direct.

Programmatic direct will move past being an experiment among early adopters and into the mainstream.
Automation is transforming the buying and selling of advertising. This past year saw Programmatic technology bring greater effectiveness to advertising. Marketers have seen the power of real-time solutions for performance, and as the industry becomes more accustomed to programmatic, the opportunities will grow.

2014 is going to be the year of social media-oriented content marketing.

We’re entering a new realm where social is now becoming a key information channel for B2B. This will have massive implications for how companies market in 2014, where social media will be the number-one place for B2B marketers to push content and thought leadership.

The CMOs IT budget will be larger than the IT departments.

The idea that ad tech will be separate from marketing and advertising will no longer be true. As marketing becomes increasingly technology-based, focusing on gathering and analyzing data, the CMO’s IT budget will inevitably increase. According to Gartner’s research, marketing already purchases almost one-third of marketing-related technology and services.

Everything will be video and have sight and sound.

The delineation between text and images and between static and active will disappear this year. Content is becoming increasingly important and as consumers continue to turn to the Internet for content consumption, digital advertisers will move from the display model to a dynamic approach. The share of ads that are interactive will continue to grow exponentially in 2014.

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